Cake «Honey Spartacus»

Cake «Spartacus» is a honeycomb with a custard and chocolate honey cakes. Very delicious cake! And it looks elegant in a cut!
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Stew with champignons

Meat in a hot spicy tomato sauce with pieces of mushrooms and pepper I love since childhood. My mother often cooked, but instead of champignons were dried mushrooms, instead of fresh peppers — frozen.
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Eggs for breakfast

Eggs for breakfast

Eggs in a tomato
We take a round-shaped tomato larger than the average size. The tomato should be dense, not overripe. Carefully cut the top part, cut out the core. Then pour the egg into the tomato. Solim-pepper to taste, put in a preheated oven for 15 minutes at a temperature of 180C. When serving, the dish can be decorated with shallow greens.
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Chocolate biscuit

I cooked a biscuit for my parents when I went to visit them. Everyone was delighted
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Magic cake

Magic cake


Butter — 150 g
Baking Powder — 1 tsp.
Egg — 2 pcs.
Vanilla — to taste
Lemon — 0,5 pcs.
Sour cream 150 g
Chocolate — 100 g
Sugar sand — 0,75 stack.
Coconut shaving — 0,75 stack.
Poppy — 0.75 stack.
Flour wheaten — 0,75 stack.
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