Very fast pizza

Sometimes there is no time for a yeast dough, and pizza wants right away. In this case, it saves me:
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Lavash sweets

Chop the nuts with a rolling pin. We mix together nuts, condensed milk and butter. We will put the mixture on a lavash layer and curl it with a tight roll.
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Apple pie homemade

Pour the second half of the test. The oven in the oven heated up to 180 grams 20 minutes.
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Turkish cheese puff

The edges of the lower raw dough layer are bent upwards, from the top of Achmu cover with the eighth — a dough layer of dough, to join and secure their edges.
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Pancake snail with minced meat

First of all, we prepare the dough for pancakes. We beat the eggs in a blender, we add milk to them, slightly warm, again whisk.
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