Vanilla mousse with berries and raspberry sauce

1.Time of cooking — 40 minutes
Cooling time — 2 hours
Number — 4 servings
2.Zhelatin soak in a little cold water.
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Sauces for meat dishes

Grind in a blender to a fine crumb and pour the resulting mass into a saucepan, seasoning with spices to taste.
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How to cook Raffaello house

Finished sweets roll in the remaining coconut shavings (100 g) and put on a dish or put in a beautiful box. Put in the refrigerator.
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Hungarian goulash home

Heat the saucepan with a thick bottom, pour in the oil, fry the onion until light golden.
Add garlic, paprika, salt, pepper and cumin seeds to the onions.
Mix well.
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Cake called snickers

The cream is whipped from boiled condensed milk and melted butter. After that, crushed nuts (any to taste) and raisins are added to the mixture.
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