Economical sausage cutlets

A great recipe that many people will like. We make economical sausage cutlets from inexpensive products — sausages, crab sticks and eggs. The main thing is fast, very simple and delicious!
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Lemon sour cream

We send cottage cheese and eggs, sprinkled with salt, to the food processor.
In the received dough it is necessary to put sugar crumb and a crumb of candied fruits from a lemon.
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Sour cream cake

Meanwhile, prepare the cream:
Beat up sour cream with sugar and vanilla sugar. Lay one cake on a large dish, grease with cream, cover it with a second custard, grease it with cream, etc.
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Korean Carrot Salad

We need:
Chicken drumsticks — 3pcs (but you can have 1 breast, too, it turns out delicious).
Potatoes average — 2pcs.
Eggs-3 pieces.
Onion-2 pieces.
Korean carrot-300gr.
Mayonnaise — 1 large package.
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Home French croissants

A three-layered rectangle measuring approximately 17 x 20 cm will be obtained. The edges of the dough should be well clamped so that the oil does not come out when the dough is rolled out further.
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