Chicken fillet roll with prunes in the oven

To begin with, you need to prepare chicken fillets, rinse and soak prunes.
2. Slice the chicken fillet from two sides.
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Layered apple pie

Layered apple pie got its name due to the fact that the bulk of the pie — the finest apple slices, which dissolve in a small amount of dough, and the test itself is practically not visible in the pie.
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Pork in a Stroganoff style with mushrooms

In a frying pan with high sides, fry the onions and mushrooms, 7 minutes.
2. Add meat cut into cubes.
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Rice pun with vegetables

Cook another couple of minutes and add the rice, then a little soy sauce.
Stew until rice absorbs all the juices, add greens to taste.
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Hepatic cake is cooked at home

Then we spread all layers on a plate in the form of a cake: a liver pancake, smeared with mayonnaise with garlic, carrots, onions, cucumbers, etc.
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