Salad Negresco

Now you need to lay the salad layers in a serving bowl. We lay out in such a sequence: chicken, eggs, cucumbers, prunes, nuts, cheese. Between each layer we put a dressing from mayonnaise and yogurt.
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Homemade candy grillage

In the caramel pour hot nuts and mix quickly. Pour it on oiled baking paper to cool. Cooled grill well breaks.
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Flower Cookies

Do not rumble very much so that it does not overdry.
Very smart and cute cookies turned out!
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Chocolate banana cake

We start with the chocolate layer. In a water bath, melt the chocolate and butter until smooth.
Eggs with sugar beat the mixer for 5 minutes, no more.
Mix the flour with cocoa
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Casserole for 5 minutes

Mix all ingredients and mix well.
Pour into a frying pan or a suitable shape.
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