Homemade lacy sausage

Love lace sausage, but buy it with caution? This is not surprising, if you read the composition. The thought of making sausages at home seems unworkable, and when you say «guts» you are shivering? Then this simple recipe is for you!
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Salad mushroom glade

An excellent, versatile salad Mushroom glade, suitable for any celebration or simple feast. Prepare at home easily and with pleasure. All is simple, and the main salad turns out to be rich and nutritious, the main thing is not to overeat.
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Lavash homemade baked in the oven

Lavash spread with a mixture of mayonnaise and tomato sauce (for opponents of mayonnaise you can use sour cream, I tried to get equally delicious)
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Leg in a puff pastry at home

Today, for dinner, I prepared a whole leg, which stood at night in the fridge and marinated in salt, pepper and garlic.
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Hazelnut-wafer sweets

It’s just a fairy tale, sweet homemade treats hazelnut-waffle sweets, which your children will be happy about, so what adults say will want to try this homemade treat.
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