Gypsy schnitzel

This dish is very convenient for breakfast or for urgent cooking hot snacks.
Similarly, the «Schnitzel in Roman» is made from cheese. A slice of very hard cheese (straight from the refrigerator) 1 cm thick roll in flour, then abundantly in the egg, generously veneer in wheat crumbs or thinly cut strips of fresh white bread (there should be a lot of breadcrumbs). Briefly fry on each side on a pre-heated frying pan with butter.
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Mimosa salad

The taste of this salad is associated with my childhood.
For many holidays we prepared this salad, and it is for this recipe, although the variations of salad preparation are a great variety.
Tried and other recipes of «Mimosa», but always returned to this.
Salad turns gentle, hearty.
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Appetizer from lavash — 13 options of filling

Expand the pita bread (thin), put on the filling and roll up rolls or envelopes. Allow to soak for 30 minutes.
Put on a plate and decorate with greens. You can cut into slices.
Stuffings for pita bread:
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Pork chop

1. Time of preparation — 10 minutes
2. Pull off pieces on both sides.
3. Salt, pepper.
4. Put on a hot frying pan.
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Chicken in wine with olives and young potatoes

1. In a well-heated saucepan, fry the chicken.
2. We drag out, and in its place we send potatoes and garlic.
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