The herring under the fur coat 2017 — 5 options

Cut the herring fillets into small pieces. If you take whole herring, then it must be freed from bones, finely chopped fillets.
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French Gypsy Salad

Grapes mine and cut in half. If the berries are large, then into four parts.
Pineapple cut into cubes.
We rub cheese on grater. Garlic is passed through the press.
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Hepatic cake Refreshing

It turns out that’s a cake, decorated at will and by the presence of imagination.
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Chicken bombs

Chicken fillet to beat, salt, pepper. In the center put the mushroom stuffing, roll up, giving the form of a «bomb», if necessary, pin with toothpicks.
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Triangles with stuffing at home

Roll out the cakes, put stuffing, form triangles and leave a hole in the middle.
Lubricated with a mixture: 1 egg yolk + 1 tbsp. L. Cream.
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