Salad for weight loss

This salad will help anyone who suffers from excess weight, and not only for those who want to lose some weight, but for everyone who wants it is a healthy food, because the salad of ripe pomegranate is very tasty and, of course, useful.
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Beef meat in cheese sauce (Home Lasagna)

First of all cut the beef meat cubes with a border of 2-4 cm and throw it into the frying pan for medium fire.
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Chocolate cream with raspberries at home

To prepare the jelly, mix raspberry puree and wine. Add the agar, mix and put the mass on a small fire. Boil for several minutes, remove from heat and lightly cool.
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Homemade Hawaiian Tofi

Caramel completely cool, then melt the chocolate in a microwave and distribute the caramel. Sprinkle with coconut flakes. Tofi completely cool, (you can put in the refrigerator).
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Potato roll with chicken and mushrooms

While the potatoes with chicken will be prepared, we will fill the stuffing for the roll. Onions are cleaned, finely chopped, carrots three for a large grater, champignons washed and we decide not a little cubes.
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