Cake «Ryzhik», cooked in a multivark

Bake in the multivark for about an hour with the «Baking» mode turned on.
While preparing the cake we prepare the milk cream.
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Caesar salad with chicken

The next component of the salad is chicken meat. At this step, everything is extremely simple: chicken fillet cut into cubes and fry in vegetable oil until a ruddy crust.
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Cooking Placinds

Put the filling in the center of the circle and begin to collect the edges of the cake to the middle in the likeness of the rays, (trying to squeeze out the air as much as possible) until all the edges of the dough are gathered in the center.
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Appetizer of mushrooms and chicken

So, fry mushrooms with onions until ready, chicken fillet boil in salted water, hard boiled eggs. We cut finely chicken fillets, eggs three on a large grater.
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Cauliflower Casserole

Well, firstly, cabbage and chicken meat are not fatty foods, so this recipe will suit even skeptics and ordinary people who stick to the diet. And the recipe for casserole from cabbage is simple to ridiculous, and most importantly it is satisfying.
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