Pork chops with apples

Start with the brine. Bring the water to a boil and throw salt and sugar. Cook until completely dissolved. Remove from heat and add pepper and a bunch of sage leaves.
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Simple American Pie Cake

Cookies to grind into a crumb, add egg and butter, mix well and vystelit in the shape making the skirts 1,5 — 2 cm.
Place for 12-15 minutes. in the heated to 180 «C oven.
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Chicken fillet with ricotta and rosemary

Prepare all the ingredients. Take a sharp knife and cut the fillets in the middle. It is most convenient to cut it evenly, pressing the meat to the table with the palm of your hand.
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Salad Delight

Chicken thigh I set boil for 30 minutes in salted water. And then she took it out and left it to the side to cool it.
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Squid stuffed with mushrooms and cheese

Calmar to unfreeze, burn with boiling water, clean off the film and the entrails, remove the chord (thin cartilage). Fins gently cut and cut into strips.
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