Buckwheat with mushrooms and onions at home

In a separate frying pan place the mushrooms and put them on the stove. Mushrooms must be emitted a lot of liquid. Cook until it evaporates.
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Sauces for meat dishes

Grind in a blender to a fine crumb and pour the resulting mass into a saucepan, seasoning with spices to taste.
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Chicken with rice in a tomato at home

We prepare marinade. To do this, mix the butter, paprika, salt and pepper. We smeared with this mass the whole leg, previously cut into 2 parts each, covered with a lid and leave to marinate for 40-60 minutes.
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Chicken with mushroom freebie

Wash the chicken, drain and cut into small pieces. Mushrooms clean and cut, peel onion and cut into cubes.
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Fried suluguni with tomatoes

Suluguni slice into thick slices. Eggs slightly whisk. Each slice of cheese dipped in eggs, roll in breadcrumbs. Repeat this procedure again and fry in vegetable oil.
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