Pears in a chocolate-almond cloud

Peel the sweet sweet pears, remove the core.
Cook pears for 7-10 minutes on a small fire, adding 50 grams of sugar and lemon juice to the water.
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Italian salad

Cut olives into slices, cherry tomatoes into four parts, pepper, cheese and ham with long straw, dill finely chop, mix everything, season with mayonnaise.
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Chicken in Roman style

Fry sausages on vegetable oil, and put them into a saucepan for extinguishing. In the same oil fry chopped into portions and slightly salted chicken until golden brown. We put it in saucepan to sausages.
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Rolls of omelette in korean

Pour half (!) Mixture and cook until the bottom does not grasp, the top will not remain liquid. Roll the omelet into a roll from the edge to the middle so that the part remains free
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Cheese sauce for pasta

Warm up the vegetable oil, add flour to it, fry it until golden, slowly pour a glass of milk, stirring, bring to a boil, add the grated cheese, stirring.
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