Pickled mackerel

You can, of course, buy a ready-made pickled mackerel in the supermarket. But cooked at home is a delight! Deliciously unrealistic, and when cooking difficulties no: 20 minutes — and a snack on the table.
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The recipe for juicy and tasty chicken cutlets

The bulb should be cleaned and crushed (preferably with a blender or grated) and add to the stuffing with the egg.
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Lazy cabbage rolls without a drop of fat

Mix well in a bowl of minced meat, cabbage, rice, egg. Then season with salt.
Blind from the resulting minced small round cutlets and put them in a frying pan with high sides.
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Delicate and delicious potatoes

In a large bowl, mix the potatoes, onions, cheese (1/4 part off), salt and freshly ground black pepper. Add sour cream and gently mix.
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Honey Biscuit

Very delicious tender sponge cake, with a smell of honey, melts in your mouth! Excellent rises, does not fall off, there is no hat, and is as simple as possible in cooking!
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