Home sherbet

Vanillin is added at the end of cooking and poured on silicone molds, those who do not have silicone, do not be afraid, any frying pan and or dish grease with sunflower oil and boldly pour out.
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Fruit pizza

Prepare the puff pastry, thinly roll it and put it into a mold, smeared with fat.
Prepare the filling: peel the fruit from the bones, cut into small pieces.
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Maysky salad

Cook the fillet until cooked (cook for about 20 minutes after boiling). Cool down. Cut into cubes.
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Baked potatoes with ham

Boil the potatoes in the peel in salted water, clean and cut into circles; Ham finely chopped.
2. Put into the cooked form a layer of potatoes and ham.
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Salad with shrimps and squid

In a salad bowl, mix corn, squid, shrimp, olives, cherry tomatoes, Peking cabbage and eggs, mix, season with mayonnaise, stir well and decorate with parsley.
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