Meat pie from Armenian lavash

Preparation of Meat Pie from Armenian Lavash

We grind meat on a combine .. or we pass through a meat grinder, we fry minced meat
The cooled minced meat is mixed with greens and grated cheese.
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Magic cake cheese cake

Preparation Magic cottage cheese cake:

1. Gelatin pour 1 cup of milk, leave for 30-40 minutes for swelling, then dissolve on low heat in the remaining hot milk, not bringing the mixture to a boil.
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Salad Air Fassolinka

Preparation Salad Fasolinka

Chop onion, champignons finely chopped, all this to fry on the plant. Oil.
Sausage cut into thin strips. With the beans drain the water.
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Marinated mackerel (Cooking at home quickly)

How to Cook Marinated mackerel:

Step 1.

The simplest recipe will describe quickly and simply. The last time I cooked 2 mackerels, however, they were both large, but all the other ingredients of the dish I proportionally reduced in quantity.
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Stew with cheese (Cooking is easy)

Cooking recipe Stew with cheese:

200 grams of meat — 1 onion, 4 cloves garlic, 4 medium potatoes, 2 tomatoes, green onions, mayonnaise (to taste), about 200gr of cheese (to taste)
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