Crispy chicken sticks

Fight chicken breasts from both sides
2. Cut each battered chicken breast into long strips
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Carmen salad

All the ingredients are cut with the same brusochkom. Raw chicken fillet fry until ready, you can add a pinch of seasoning for chicken.
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Cherry Pie Delight

Baked cake a little soak with cherry compote.
Put on the cherry cake (remove the bones).
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Omelette in Catalan

Whisk the eggs with milk, add salt, pepper to taste. Cut the ingredients for the filling.
In a frying pan melt a piece of butter, pour 2/3 omelet weight. Add stuffing.
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Chicken thighs in the potato ring

Thighs are washed, dried with a paper towel and rubbed with salt. We begin with chopped garlic — we cut a knife on the skin and put garlic in the hole, distribute it under the skin. We put in the middle of the oiled form.
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