Ferrero rocher

Preparation of Ferrero rocher:

Eggs beat with sugar until the weight increases in three. Mix the cocoa, cocoa and baking powder. Add the crumbled nuts. In 3 sets gradually add the dry mixture to the egg.
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Salad Berlin in our

Preparation of Salad Berlin in our:

1. Ham, eggs, pepper, cucumber cut into small cubes, grate cheese on a large grater., Grind the greens.
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How delicious to cook buckwheat

How to cook buckwheat:

Advice! White mushrooms are better to boil beforehand.
1. Finely chop the onion. Cut champignons. Cut the white mushrooms. Slice the greens.
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Banana cake without dyes

Preparation Cake Banana without dyes:

1. Eggs knocked with sugar until thick foam.
2. Add mayonnaise, condensed milk, flour mixed with baking powder.
3. Mix everything well.
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Delicate chicken balls in cheese-cream sauce

Cooking Delicate chicken balls in cheese-cream sauce:

Cook the chicken slightly, cut into small pieces. Finely chop onion. Add chives to onion, egg, salt, pepper, mix well. Grease the baking dish.
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