Vegetable salad

Preparation of Vegetable Salad:

1. Loosen the working surface for the ingredients on the vegetable salad. You will need 200g of Peking cabbage, an average of 3 cucumbers (200g), one carrot (100g), lettuce leaves, canned corn, vegetable oil.
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Salad with cucumbers and meat

Preparation of salad with cucumbers and meat:

Potatoes, ham, meat, cucumbers and eggs cut into cubes, all combine.
Salad salt, pepper, add a little lemon juice and season with mayonnaise.
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Pancakes by Dyukan homemade

100 g 80 kcal

2 tbsp. L. Ground oat bran
1 tbsp. L. Ground wheat bran
1 egg
Kefir 0% warm
Salt, sweetener, spices to taste

Cooking Pancakes by Dyukan homemade:

We cook the dough traditionally, bake without oil on a hot frying pan.
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Shish kebab from chicken and pineapple

1. Cut the fillets into small pieces.
2. Cut the pineapples into small pieces.
3. Mix the soy sauce and ketchup.
4. Mix the fillets and sauce, put in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes.
5. On the skewers thread, alternating, fillets and pineapples.
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Pizza without flour

Put into a baking dish, put in preheated to 230oC for 15 minutes. Dough for pizza with chicken and mushrooms
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