Strawberry puff dessert cream

Cooking Strawberry puff dessert from cream:

Wash the strawberries and cut them.
With a hand mixer, whip 3 cups of cream to air-resistant peaks. Pour in the powdered sugar, vanillin and whisk until smooth.
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Salad Hunting with chicken fillet

There are many options for cooking salad, but the ingredients — marinated / pickled cucumbers and pickled mushrooms, as well as meat (beef, turkey, chicken) remain unchanged.
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Lasagne with cheese

Preparation of Lasagne with cheese:

1. Onion and garlic finely chop.Ozhzharit in oil for a minute 3. Add minced meat and fry until cooked. 20 minutes.
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Salad with crab sticks with Pekinese cabbage

Crab sticks with Peking cabbage salad:

1. Prepare the ingredients: hard-boiled eggs, drain the liquid from the corn, clean and rinse the greens and vegetables.

2. Finely slice the Chinese cabbage, put in a large bowl, season with salt and set aside.
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Chicken fillet in batter

Preparation Chicken fillet in batter:

1. Cut the slices into small portions, rub them with a small amount of salt and seasoning «curry».

2. Then cook the dessert — break into a spacious bowl 3 eggs, salt, pepper, add parsley, lemon juice, mix everything. Carefully insert flour so that there are no lumps. Put the pieces of chicken in ready-made dough and let stand for 30-40 minutes.
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