First, we cut the sliced ​​potatoes into boiling salted water. Then passeruyuem on vegetable oil chopped onions and grated carrots.
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Home-made sauce

If for some reason you do not use mayonnaise, he will find a worthy replacement — this sauce, which does not concede mayonnaise, but, on the contrary, is more useful.
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Meat solyanka

Remove the meat and cut it into small pieces. Put it back in the pan. Add the sauteed sausage. At this point, you should add a handful of rice or potatoes (optional)
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A few hours before cooking, or better at night soak the pearl barley. This will improve the taste of pearl barley, and it will be cooked much faster.
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Soup with shrimps and cheese

Pre-defrost the shrimp. We clean them from the shell.
We peel potatoes and cut them into fairly large cubes. In this soup, all ingredients should be well-felt, so we will not melt.
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