Chicken rolls with cheese in sour cream and mushrooms

Preparation Chicken rolls with cheese in sour cream and mushrooms:

1. Breast the trout, salt and pepper.

2. Mushrooms and onion finely chop, fry in a pan, lightly podsoliv and pepper. Allow to cool.
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Casserole Marble with cottage cheese and chocolate

Preparation of casserole Marble with cottage cheese and chocolate:

Beat cottage cheese with sour cream, sugar, eggs and flour until smooth.

Separately, in another bowl, melt the chocolate with butter on a water bath and cool.
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Potato-shaped boats in uniform

Preparation of Potato Boats in a uniform:

1. The potato is good for washing and boiling in a uniform, we cool and clean it.

2. Then cut each potato in half along and gently take out the pulp with a spoon from the middle.
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Jellied pie with green onions and egg

Preparation Pouring cake with green onion and egg:

1. Prepare the ingredients for the dough and filling. Sour cream in a jellied test can be replaced with kefir or natural yoghurt.
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Puff pastry

Preparation Puff pastry:

A good second course with meat and mushrooms. Serve better in the dishes that were prepared.

We cut the meat into large pieces. The meat must be marinated. You can choose your favorite marinade. Marinate 12 hours.
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