Pies of a bomb

Brynza to mash with a fork, if cottage cheese then salt, squeeze garlic crock through garlic, add chopped herbs and mix.
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Such meat on the festive table will be a success, and in the case of unexpected guests will help — treat like hot cakes! Well, if you make sandwiches on the road, it will be a great help, because it preserves its taste characteristics for a long time.
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Eclairs with condensed milk

Finished eclairs, I took out of the oven, gave them a little cool. Making small incisions, I with the help of a teaspoon filled them with stuffing — boiled condensed milk.
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Lazy Achma

Syr rubbing on a large grater, add eggs, a little salt, finely chopped greens and milk, mix well.
On the baking sheet we spread the layer of lavash, cover it with our filling, cover with the next layer, etc.
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Cabbage Cutlets

Cut cabbage into 4 parts and weld in salted water for 8-10 minutes.
Throw the cabbage into a colander, pass through a meat grinder and wring out to remove water.
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