Violet Salad

Preparation Violet Salad:

1. We lay all layers and cover with mayonnaise: ham, prunes, mushrooms, cucumber, carrots.
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Potato nests with mushrooms (Correct recipe)

Preparation Potato nests with mushrooms:

To begin with, we should clean the potatoes and boil it until cooked. While the potatoes are brewed, cleaned and cubes cut onions.
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Layered apple pie (Cooking quickly and easily)

Preparation Puff apple pie:

Preheat the oven to 180C. Prepare 3 baking trays (21×26 cm).
Mix flour with sugar and baking powder. Strain yolks, sour cream and butter.
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Delicious salad of Mercury

Preparation Tasty salad Mercury:

Prune the scabies and chop. Chicken cut or disassembled. Fry the onions and mushrooms. Spread everything in the following sequence: prunes, chicken, onions with mushrooms, eggs (on a grater), cucumber (grate on a grater).
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Lemon bars-muesli

This is a real delicacy for those who lose weight does not allow themselves sweet. Deliciously delicious lemon-nut bars are produced, which are also very useful! Just a storehouse of vitamins, and how delicious!
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