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Preparation of Homemade Shawarma

Let’s start preparing shawarma from the preparation of the ingredients for the filling. We will wash the meat, lightly we will cut it and cut it into small pieces of strips.
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Curd cheese casserole with kiwi

Preparation of curd cheese casserole with:

Mix the oil with a mixer at maximum speed until smooth, lush mass, alternately adding sugar, vanilla. Do not stop whipping, one by one to insert eggs.
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Stuffed meat cabbage rolls

Preparation of meat cabbage rolls:

With cabbage gently shoot the leaves, if poorly removed, then you can pre-freeze, and when it thaws, the leaves will be removed easily. If the cabbage is not frozen, then the leaves should be boiled for several minutes.
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Mistress with nuts salad

Preparation of Salad Mistress with nuts:

Salad we lay layers
1 layer: mix the carrots with garlic, raisins and mayonnaise
2 layer: the cheese is mixed with prunes and mayonnaise
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Salad puff with pineapple

Preparation Salad puff pastry with pineapple:

Boil potatoes in a uniform until ready. Cool, peel, grate on a large grater. Eggs boil hard, cool, clean, grate on a large grater.
Chicken meat boil, chill and cut into small pieces. Cut cucumbers into small cubes. Wipe the cheese on a large grater.
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