Paris salad with vegetables

Paris salad with vegetables

In fact, there is nothing complicated, this Paris salad with vegetables will not take you much time and money, everything is affordable and easy. But in fact, this recipe went to me from my first wife and took second place in my collection. Try, cook, a simple dish and surprise your loved ones, they will be very pleased.
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— 1 cucumber (remove the skin)
— 1 tomato
— 1 sweet pepper
2-3 tablespoons of corn canned
— smoked bacon (remove the skin and remove the bones)
— 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise
— salt, pepper to taste
— dill


1. Cucumber chop fine thin strips, add to a salad bowl.
2. Smooth the fillet of the smoked chicken on the fibers, add to the cucumber.
3. Cut the remaining vegetables into small pieces, add corn.
4. Salt, pepper, add mayonnaise, stir.
5. Delicious fresh salad!

Bon Appetit!

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