Pizza with fried sausage

Pizza with fried sausage

«Winter» options for pizzas are different in that the filling in them is much more substantial than «summer». This is meat with sausage, and mushrooms … But vegetables (if, of course, this is not pre-frozen preforms) — rare guests in such dishes. But it is a hearty pizza — the best friend frozen and chilled from a cold wind person. In addition, they are very tasty — yes, this they do not take away!
This recipe offers cooking pizza with toasted sausages. It’s fried, and until crisp. After all, in a multivark, the lush yeast pizzas are traditionally made like soft pies, the filling in which resembles not baked, but stewed under the crust of melted (again, not baked, as in the oven) cheese. So in advance brought to the correct condition of the sausage will add pizza pleasant acuity.
Ingredients for 4-liter multicast:
— 500 g of frozen yeast dough,
— 1 large onion,
— a third of a small «bob», that is a little more than 100 g of sausage,
— 1 tablespoon of ketchup,
— 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise,
— 100 g of hard cheese (preferably in slicing),
— some spices (for example, rosemary) — if desired.
1. From a pre-defrosted dough to form a round-faced knot, place it in a multicraft, and straighten it. You can form small skirts. Enable the «Heating» program. After that, you can practice the rest of the ingredients.
2. Sausage cut and fry on both sides.
3. Lubricate the dough with ketchup, on top of it lay a finely chopped onion. Of course, instead of one big one you can take a half, and a very small onion — as more to taste.
4. Cover the onion with sausage.
5. Lubricate the sausage with mayonnaise (most conveniently — make a «lattice» of the sachet), and on top of the cheese. Also pizza can be sprinkled with spices.
6. Bake all this splendor 40 minutes on the program «Baking».
It turns out a magnificent pizza, moderately sharp, with melted, stretching cheese. Onion in the filling (if you cut it not too carefully and it will be a lot) will be felt «al dente».
One such pizza is enough for three or four eaters. So if there are more consumers, take care of the no less satisfying supplement!!

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