Pork with zucchini

Pork with zucchini

Pork with zucchini — it’s very tasty! The recipe with some reservations can be attributed to the Chinese cuisine — everything is prepared simply and quickly.


Pork neck 350 g
Onion 2 pcs.
Soy sauce 2 tbsp.
Sunflower oil 1-2 tbsp.
Squash 1 pc.
Mixture of peppers to taste

Step 1.
It’s so delicious that it’s not even clear. And why, in fact, is tasty?))))) And the truth, why? Products are used most ordinary. What kind of a piece of meat to choose, of course, you decide. But in our family we love the pig’s neck. And, the husband and son choose pieces of «fat», and I … but I do not know what I love) I eat what comes)))))
Zucchini I took a small, but onions can be more (if you are a fan of the ray, of course!).

Step 2.
My meat, dried from excess moisture and cut. I cut it in such small pieces.
We send the pork to the hot pan. I fried over low heat. Before browning meat, it’s about 10-15 minutes.

Step 3.
At this time, cut the vegetables.
I know that in such express recipes in the Chinese style, vegetables are cut finely. Rather, subtly! Thin plates, thin rings … But I do not like it! I want to preserve the taste and aroma of the vegetable! Let it not turn into a thin rag) In general, to your taste cut vegetables with about the same pieces as meat.

Step 4.
Vegetables are placed in a frying pan to the meat. And fry for about a few minutes. Now pour the soy sauce, make the fire strong. And quickly fry all together!
At the same stage, you need to add pepper. A lot of pepper! In my opinion, this dish should be well peppered. It would be nice to use chili, cut into small plates.
I really like the Chinese style of roasting. And despite the fact that I do not have a frying pan wok, I often use it. On high heat, in soy sauce roasting goes much faster. And your products will never remain raw! Moreover, thanks to soy sauce, the dish will acquire an appetizing caramel color.

Step 5.
Ready pork with zucchini can be served to the table!
My husband and I ate only with fresh herbs. The son still asked for pasta on the side dish) There are many options for filing! But one thing I know for sure — it’s incredibly delicious!

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