● Pearl barley — 70 g;
● potatoes — 5-6 pieces;
● onion — 1 pc .;
● carrots — 1 piece;
● tomato juice — 50 ml;
● pickled cucumbers — 5-6 pieces;
● cucumber brine — 100 ml;
● salt, greens — to taste.


A few hours before cooking, or better at night soak the pearl barley. This will improve the taste of pearl barley, and it will be cooked much faster.

Swell the pearl barley with water and cook.

At this time, cut the onions into cubes.

Grate the carrots.

Fry vegetables in vegetable oil until soft.

Add the tomato juice.

Cut the cucumber into a straw (if the cucumbers are small — you can circle).

Send them to the gas station, mix and remove from the fire in a couple of minutes.

Peel and cut into small cubes potatoes. And send it to broth with pearl barley, cook for 10 minutes.

Then we spread the dressing, add cucumber pickle, bay leaf. If necessary, add salt, pepper, cook for another 5 minutes.

Ready rassolnik sprinkle with herbs and can be served on the table.

Bon Appetit

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