Roll Bounty

Roll Bounty

Recipe, just a fairy tale, and very tasty. Advice to everyone to try and pamper their children and just friends and relatives.

· Cookies 200 gr.,
· Sugar 20 gr.,
· Cocoa 2 tablespoons,
Water 100 ml.
· Coconut shavings 80 gr.,
· Butter 80 gr.,
· Powdered sugar 60 gr.

1. Peel the cookies into crumbs, add cocoa and mix. Sugar dissolve in hot water and gradually add it to the shredded liver, constantly mixing, you should get an elastic mixture.
2. Beat butter with sugar powder and mix with coconut shavings. On the food film put a mixture of cookies, from above evenly distribute the coconut cream. Roll up the roll. Remove to the freezer for at least 1 hour.
3. Serve by cutting a sharp knife into segments

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