Salad A gentle cloud

Salad A gentle cloud


Egg of chicken — 6 pcs.
Chicken breast (fillets) — 300 g.
Cucumber (medium, fresh) — 2 pcs.
Carrots (medium) — 2 pcs.
Pineapple (canned, rings) — 2 -3 pieces.

Salad Preparation A gentle cloud:

1. Boil the fillet, finely chop, add salt, add mayonnaise, mix. Put the chicken-mayonnaise mixture in a bowl.

2. Eggs boil, cool, separate the proteins from the yolks. Separately, grate the squirrel on a large glass, and the yolks on a small one.
Carrots boil, rub on the middle coat.

3. Cucumbers along with the skins rub on the middle of the glass, squeeze out excess liquid.

4. Put the carrot on the chicken (sprinkle a little), pour on mayonnaise, then — squirrels (a little salt), mayonnaise, cucumber, mayonnaise, put a layer of yolks on top and optionally lay out pineapples as decoration.
Let the salad brew.

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