Salad Delight

Salad Delight

How to prepare a Delight Salad?


Chicken leg chicken — 2 pcs.
Eggs of chicken — 4 pcs.
Prunes — 15 pcs.
Walnuts — 1/2 cup
Garlic — 2 cloves
Vegetable oil for frying egg pancakes
Salad leaves, cherry tomatoes — for decoration


1. Chicken thigh I set boil for 30 minutes in salted water. And then she took it out and left it to the side to cool it.

2. She broke eggs into a cup and whisked it well.

3. From the egg mass baked 4 or 5 pancakes, pouring the egg mixture on a well-heated and oiled frying pan.

4. When one side was baked (seconds 30), turned over and fried the other side. Egg pancakes also left to cool down.

5. When the meat is cold — cut it finely.

6. Pancakes also cut — first on strips, and then on small brusochki.

7. Prunes were washed. Since it was soft, I cut it at once. If the prunes are hard, it must be poured with boiling water before cooking.

8. I put the walnuts on a heated frying pan and consume them for several minutes (a few halves of nuts left for decoration).

9. When the nuts are dry, the knife chopped them not too finely.

10. Chopped garlic. All the ingredients laid out in a salad bowl.

11. I added mayonnaise and mixed everything. That’s all — the salad is ready!

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