Salad globe

Salad globe


Onions-0.5 kg
Carrot-0.5 kg
Aubergines-1 kg
Sweet pepper 1 kg
Tomatoes 2 kg
1 table of sugar
1 table wax
100 g of vinegar 6% (you can and 9% who love sharper)
200 g of vegetable oil


Vegetables are best cut into large, carrots and onions — thick rings, eggplants — thick semirings, tomatoes — slices (they are laid out on top and give the main juice).

Only in the above sequence, add everything to the cauldron, bring to a boil and, without mixing it, boil for 35-40 minutes on low heat.

To spread out on sterile cans and immediately roll up. You do not even need to pack it!

There was still no case that the salad exploded. And the taste is always amazing! But, I repeat, not a gram of excess salt, sugar, etc., otherwise the result may be different.

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