Salad love and cunning

Salad love and cunning


● boiled beef
● onion
● mayonnaise.
● canned red beans
● pickled cucumbers
● potatoes
● tomatoes
● olives


Salad we lay in layers, in a suitable container in the following order … yes all the ingredients are cut into cubes:

1st layer — boiled beef and top — mayonnaise.
2nd layer — onion and mayonnaise.
3rd layer — canned red beans (without liquid) and mayonnaise.
4th layer — marinated cucumbers and mayonnaise.
5th layer — boiled potatoes and mayonnaise.
6th layer — tomatoes, cut into cubes, and olives (cut into olives, lay out in the shape of heart)
It is desirable to slightly press the layers together as the split mold is filled. Now send our «Love» to «Cunning»; in the fridge for a few hours and … you can treat yourself.

Bon Appetit!

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