Salad mosaic from chicken

Salad mosaic from chicken


Chicken breasts — 150 g
Chinese cabbage — 100 g
Sweet pepper — 100 g
Canned Pineapples — 200 g
Canned corn — 100 g
A hard sort of cheese (it is desirable to choose a bit «sharp» grade) — 100 g
Sour cream 80 g
Curry — 1 tsp.
Pepper ground white — 1 tsp.


1. First of all, you need to boil the chicken breast and cut it into small cubes.
2. Then it is necessary to cut finely cabbage and pepper, and canned pineapple cut into small cubes.
3. Now mix sour cream, curry, white ground pepper and add to the resulting sauce canned corn.
4. Mix the sauce with the corn with the rest of the ingredients, in the last turn three on a large grater cheese and also mix with the salad.
5. Now it remains only to cool his half an hour in the fridge and put it into the bowls of the bowl to decorate with twigs of greenery.

Bon Appetit!

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