Salad mushroom glade

Salad mushroom glade

An excellent, versatile salad Mushroom glade, suitable for any celebration or simple feast. Prepare at home easily and with pleasure. All is simple, and the main salad turns out to be rich and nutritious, the main thing is not to overeat.


— mushrooms — 1 pot
— green onion and dill
— cooked meat
— carrots in Korean — 200 g
— hard cheese — 200 g
— boiled potatoes — 3 pcs.
Pickled cucumbers — 3 pcs.
— mayonnaise


1. The main thing to take suitable dishes … probably, the usual average saucepan will do. Mushrooms lay their hats down
2. Top of mushrooms finely chopped greens
3. Then boiled potatoes (finely chopped).
4. To torment and lubricate with mayonnaise
5. Then cucumber, mayonnaise
6. Meat, mayonnaise
7. Carrots, mayonnaise, cheese
8. Then turn the pan over to the dish, and here’s our handsome!

Bon Appetit!

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