Salad Starfish with red fish

Salad Starfish with red fish

Salad Starfish with red fish and shrimps
Exotic and very appetizing salad. Try it!
Salad salmon with tomatoes starfish looks exotic. Smells of salad unambiguously cover associations with the sea. It’s all about marine products, of which it consists almost entirely!

In this interesting Salted Salmon salad «Starfish» is important not only the taste, but also the look. And as you know, a beautiful kind of food causes the saliva to flow even before it is tasted. Amaze your guests with this unusual dish! How to cook it?


200 g. Fresh salmon
300 g. Shrimp fresh
100 g. Cheese «Russian»
2 pcs. Chicken egg
100 g. Black olives
1 PC. Tomatoes
0.5 pcs. Lemon
to taste Smetana
to taste Mayonnaise
to taste Salt
50 g. Salmon roe
2 pcs. Salad leaves

First you need to boil hard-boiled eggs, grate it or chop it very finely. I rub the hard cheese on a medium grater. I chop the prawns and remove them from the shells.

You can buy immediately shrimp meat, already peeled. I chop the olives and shrimp. For sauce we need sour cream and mayonnaise in a 1: 1 ratio, mix them, add lemon juice and, if necessary, salt.

Now I mix all the cut ingredients together with the sauce and gently spread it onto a flat large plate, over washed salad leaves, in the form of a starfish. I put tomato slices on top.

And then — finely chopped slices of red fish, which should keep the shape of the star. Salad can be decorated with olives and red eggs.

Bon Appetit!

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