Salad watermelon at home

Salad watermelon at home

For the preparation of salad will need the following ingredients:

Boiled chicken fillet — 100 g
Hard cheese — 100 g
Olives without stones — ½ cans
Mayonnaise — to taste
Cucumber — 1 pc.
Tomatoes — 2 pcs.

For the most salad «stuffing» you can use any ingredients that you like. You can replace the chicken with meat, you can add vegetables or even make this salad vegetarian. That is, hide anything under the «watermelon» extrinsic stuff

Boiled chicken fillet chop finely. Cut the olives in circles. We rub the cheese on a small grater. Season with mayonnaise and mix.

Be sure to put some cheese and a few olives for decoration!

We spread the salad in the form of a water-melon slice on a large flat dish.

While the lettuce is soaked, let’s take care of its decoration. At the cucumber we get rid of a soft core with bones (it can be simply eaten) and leave for registration a more rigid part under the skin itself. In the same way we do with tomatoes: we do not need cores, they will give absolutely not necessary juice.

The remaining solid part of the cucumber is rubbed on a large grater. Cut the tomato into small pieces. Each olive is cut along into 4 parts.

Put the pieces of tomato on the watermelon slice with the flesh upwards, trying to cover the surface, so that there are no white holes left.

Next — a light strip of grated cheese, and in conclusion — a green cucumber strip, like a watermelon rind.

We lay out watermelon bones made from olives.

Watermelon is ready!

At me a water-melon slice has turned out small — on 3-4 portions. And if you need to feed the company more, you can make a few slices or one giant, if you have a large dish.

Bon Appetit!

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