Salad with shrimps and squid

Salad with shrimps and squid


Peking cabbage — 200g
Eggs — 3 pcs.
Canned squid — 185g (1 pot)
Shrimp (boiled) — 150g
Corn — 400g
Olives — 80g
Cherry tomatoes — 8 pcs.
Mayonnaise, parsley


Eggs boil until cooked, cooled, cleaned, cut into strips.
Cherry tomatoes, wash, dry, cut into four parts.

With squids, olives and corn, drain the liquid, cut the olives in half, cut the squid into small pieces.

Pork cabbage to wash, dry, cut into thin strips.
Wash the parsley, dry it, peel it into leaves or finely chop it.

In a salad bowl, mix corn, squid, shrimp, olives, cherry tomatoes, Peking cabbage and eggs, mix, season with mayonnaise, stir well and decorate with parsley.

Bon Appetit!

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