1. First you need to choose the right fat. It can be homogeneous or have meat layers. In any case, you should check the product before direct salting. Quality lard is easily pierced with a knife and, therefore, will be soft. If the sharp end of the knife is placed jerky, then fat contains too many veins.

After pickling, it will turn out to be harsh. Cut the product with plates if the fat thickness exceeds 6 cm. In any other case, you can salt the whole piece, but it will take a little longer.

2. The process of salting. When pickling, this product is almost impossible to spoil, which, undoubtedly, simplifies the process of making this delicacy.

No matter how much salt you add, fat will absorb exactly as much as it needs. Ingredients: rock salt (it should be chosen because it contains useful trace elements); Red or black pepper (ground); Black pepper (peas); Any seasoning (feel free to add those that you like); Bay leaf; Garlic (its number can be quite different, depending on your taste preferences). Salt mixture: per kilogram of product requires 4 tbsp. Tablespoons of salt, 1 tbsp. Spoon of black pepper, 0.5. Art. Spoons of red pepper, spices. For salting, use a plastic or glass container

3. If you like the smell and taste of garlic, then add it to each plate. Keep in mind that lard, salted with garlic, will have a shorter shelf life. But if you keep Ukrainian delicacy in the freezer, the storage period will increase several times.

4. On its bottom place a small amount of the resulting salty mixture, peppercorns and crumble 1-2 laurel leaves (to your taste). The upper layer of fat is again added all of the above. And this procedure is done with each piece. For the first 24 hours, store lard at room temperature in the room, and on the second day put in the refrigerator.

Then you can safely use the product in writing or put it in storage in the freezer. Pieces of pre-clean with a knife from the already unnecessary saline mixture.
Bon Appetit!

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