Skits with minced meat

Skits with minced meat

The basis for the recipe is lazy cabbage rolls. Made adjustments and turned skits.

You will need:

Minced meat (pork and beef in equal proportions)
Bulb onions
Tomato paste
Salt pepper

How to cook:

1. When the first time cooked lazy cabbage rolls, kapushu twisted in a meat grinder, but faced with a problem: cabbage rolls at the formation of poorly kept in shape and tried to fall apart. Here I went to a small trick cabbage rubbed on a small grater in a combine.

2. Scrolling meat and onions in a meat grinder and mixing it with cabbage. Add salt and black pepper. We make cutlets and crumble in flour.

3. Fry from two sides.

4. We put it in the mold. Fill with diluted tomato paste. Add the bay leaf and bell pepper.

5. We put in the oven for 1 hour.
We serve mashed potatoes or rice.

Bon Appetit!

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