Smoked bacon

Smoked bacon

Ingredients of the salting mixture based on 1 kg of bacon: Bacon 1 kg Salt nitrite (with a content of HN 0.4-0.5%) 10 g Cookery — 10 g Sugar 10 g Laurel leaf — 1 piece Cinnamon stick — 1 piece Cognac — 20 ml Peppercorns — 10g

Interfere with all components, including cognac, spread bacon (get wet) from all sides and leave in a container (I use an enamel container from under the holodka) for 7 days in the refrigerator, turning and massaging 2-1 times a day.

We thoroughly wash off the brine from the bacon with the remnants of spices and wipe it dry with a paper towel and rub it with freshly ground ch.pertsem (or others on

Your taste is spice). We post it on the day for ventilation at room temperature.
Further into the cabinet for 8 hours of smoking at 25 gr. With, a break 24 hours and again for 8 hours in a case under an alder smoke (again to your taste).

Give him a hang 48 hours for weathering and tightly wrapped in a food film we put in the refrigerator for an even distribution of smells and aromas for two days.

We open and enjoy …

Bon Appetit.

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