● 400 g meat (pork or beef)
● 4 pcs. Sausages
● 200 g sausage (boiled)
● 200 g ham
● 3 pcs. Cucumber (salted)
● 1 piece. bow
● a bunch of parsley
● 2 tablespoons Tomato paste
● 1 pot of black olives (pitted)
● 3-4 pcs. Bay leaf
● Pepper to taste


Cook broth from beef or pork. Add the bay leaf and black pepper. Cut the meat from the broth, as well as the ham (can be replaced with smoked sausage) and sausages. Slice cucumber, onion and parsley and simmer along with the tomato paste for 10 minutes. Put the stew mixture into the broth and cook for no more than 10 minutes. Add the sausages, Meat, sausage, ham. Bring to a boil and pour along with the olive brine, boil and immediately turn it off. To serve to the table with sour cream and a slice of lemon.

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