Soup of sausages

Soup of sausages


5-6 medium-sized potatoes
onions and carrots for 2-3 pcs.
sausages hunting, streletskie and country


To prepare soup from sausages, the first thing we do is to cook the potatoes, peeled and cut into cubes. Next, finely chop the onions and rub the carrots on an average grater. We send them to the frying pan.

Next we cut the sausages not very finely, for portioned pieces.

Add them to the skillet, which is already toasted onions and carrots.

When the potatoes are ready, we send the contents of the pan to the pan. We add a laurel leaf and greens. We cook for another 5 minutes and the soup of sausages is ready. In total, the cooking process takes less than 30 minutes.

Delicious and nutritious soup of sausages — ready!

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