Stuffed ham

Stuffed ham


-4 medium ham
A piece of pork grams 150
2 cloves of chives
-Alpine 1 pc
-home mayonnaise
-Seasonings to taste


1. First of all, carefully remove the skin from the leg of «stocking» — it’s very simple.
2. Separate the fillets from the bone and the regimen in small pieces, add the cut pieces of pork to it.
3. Marin in homemade mayonnaise. It consists of pepper and salt and mustard, 30 minutes.
4. Then cut the orange pieces without skin and squeeze garlic.
5. Salt pepper to taste and mix well.
6. Fill our «stockings» stuffing, the edges are wrapped and for the sake of reliability I attached a toothpick.
7. Spread on a hot frying pan and lightly fry the ham on each side until golden brown.
8. Then add the fried leg to the baking dish and bring it to the oven at t 180 * C. 20 minutes.
9. Our divine dish is ready, and the combination of orange, garlic, seasonings and meat will not leave anyone indifferent, it’s very tasty!

Bon Appetit!

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