Stuffed potatoes with vegetables and cheese

Stuffed potatoes with vegetables and cheese

How to cook stuffed potatoes with vegetables and cheese?


● Potatoes — 10 pieces of medium size.
● Smoked chicken legs — 2 pcs.
● Eggs — 2 pcs.
● Sweet pepper — 1 pc.
● Onion — 1 pc.
● Greens — 1 vet
● Tomatoes — 2 pcs.
● Salt and pepper to taste
● Vegetable oil — 1 tbsp.


First we take potatoes, it needs to be cleaned well. Wash, add and send to prepare for a couple. Multivarku in the cooking mode for a couple of 25 minutes, this is enough. As long as the potatoes are prepared, we begin to prepare the filling for it. The smoked chicken is separated from the skin and bone, cut into small cubes.
Boil the eggs, clean them and cut them into small pieces. Vegetables: tomatoes, onions and Bulgarian pepper, chop the onions and tomatoes finely, pre-clean the pepper from the stem with the seeds.

Potatoes are ready, do not touch it for about 5 minutes, let it cool slightly. Now cut each potato into 2 equal parts and gently remove the teaspoonful of the middle, as we make the boats. We cut the middle parts of the potato, cut them finely, like the vegetables above. in one bowl and mix, add greens, finely chopped, fill with mayonnaise. We mix well. On a large grater we will slicate cheese. Now you can stuff stuffing with potatoes. We will grease the cup of the multivark with vegetable oil.

And now, stuffing every potato, we immediately send it to the multivark. Cover the peeled potatoes with grated cheese. Multivark in baking mode for 30 minutes. At the end of the regime, the potatoes are sent to the dish and decorated with greens.

Very fragrant and hearty dish is ready, pleasant appetite!

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