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Meat under the fur coat

5-10 minutes before the end of cooking, grease with suppressed garlic, sprinkle with grated cheese and chopped greens. Put back in the oven and in a few minutes your dish is ready

Meat solyanka

Remove the meat and cut it into small pieces. Put it back in the pan. Add the sauteed sausage. At this point, you should add a handful of rice or potatoes (optional)

Homemade cold boiled pork

The best way to cook delicious homemade meat. Cold boiled pork is very juicy. A good alternative to sausage for sandwiches.

Meat syrniki

Meat syrniki An original dish for those who love meat. When I first saw the recipe for these cheese cakes, I was apprehensive about the new recipe. I’m glad that I tried it, because it’s insanely delicious. Regularly I repeat and now decided to share with you.

Stew with champignons

Meat in a hot spicy tomato sauce with pieces of mushrooms and pepper I love since childhood. My mother often cooked, but instead of champignons were dried mushrooms, instead of fresh peppers — frozen.

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