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Pancakes by Dyukan homemade

100 g 80 kcal

2 tbsp. L. Ground oat bran
1 tbsp. L. Ground wheat bran
1 egg
Kefir 0% warm
Salt, sweetener, spices to taste

Cooking Pancakes by Dyukan homemade:

We cook the dough traditionally, bake without oil on a hot frying pan.

Chicken pancakes with cheese

Chicken fillet cut into small cubes. We cut the cheese into small cubes. Green onions, parsley, dill finely chopped.

Pancakes with mushrooms and cheese

But these are not simple pancakes! Simple so it does not turn out to wrap ….
Itself for the first time cooked and tried …
Fried only on one side, and the second white, holey

Chocolate Pancakes

And you do not even need to comment, pancakes for breakfast — this is an ideal unhurried morning

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