Turkish cheese puff

Turkish cheese puff

To prepare the dough:

1 kg of wheat flour
5 eggs
1 glass of water
To prepare the filling:
1 kg of suluguni cheese
300 g of butter
200 g sour cream
For lubrication:
200 g of butter

Preparation of the dough: beat the eggs, add water (it should be at room temperature), then flour and salt, knead a dense homogeneous dough, divide into 8 parts, one of them must be bigger than the others, to form dough pieces in the form of balls and remove them for an hour In the cold.

Filling: grate cheese on a large grater, combine with sour cream and butter.

Each ball is thinly rolled out, the largest should be equal to the size of the sheet for baking, lay it out, after lubricating the sheet with oil, top with a little pour with melted butter.

Dip 6 dough strips for 1-2 minutes in boiling water, remove, place for 1-2 seconds in cold water, put on druish.

Lay on the bottom damp test strip 3 boiled, pouring with oil each, then spread out half the filling, on top — 3 more boiled layers with oil, the rest of the filling.

The edges of the lower raw dough layer are bent upwards, from the top of Achmu cover with the eighth — a dough layer of dough, to join and secure their edges.

Baked Achmah at a temperature of 200-220 degrees for 30-40 minutes, on the upper layer should appear brownish crust.

Before serving, Achma is left for 10 minutes, then cut into portions.

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