Vanilla mousse with berries and raspberry sauce

Vanilla mousse with berries and raspberry sauce


Sugar vanilla 8 g;
Gelatin 9 g;
Milk 250 ml;
Cream 25% 250 ml;
Egg yolk 5 pcs;
Sugar (small) 60 g;
Berries are 200 g;
Raspberry 400 g;
Sugar powder 1 teaspoon;
Liquor from black currant 50 ml;


1.Time of cooking — 40 minutes
Cooling time — 2 hours
Number — 4 servings
2.Zhelatin soak in a little cold water.

Milk bring to a boil. Yolks mash with white sugar and a thin trickle, stirring constantly, pour in hot milk. Add the vanilla sugar.

Cook the milk mass on a small fire, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until thick. The spoon should be wrapped in creamy mass. Remove the mass from the fire, when on the spoon there is a clear «path», if you hold it with your finger.
3. Add the pressed gelatin to the thickened mass. Mix until completely dissolved. Strain the milk mass through a fine sieve and cool.

Whip the cream into a thick foam. Enter the whipped cream into the cooled milk.
4. Mix and pour the mass over the jelly or soufflé shapes.
Put in the refrigerator until completely cooled (at least 2 hours).
5. Preparation of sauce:

Prepare a water bath. In a large saucepan with boiling water, put a smaller saucepan so that the bottom of the latter lightly touches the water.

Place the raspberry in the top saucepan and cover with a lid.

In a water bath, warm the raspberries until it has thoroughly let the juice (about 20-25 minutes).
6.When the raspberries finally melt, pass the berries through a sieve, removing everything that remains in the sieve. Add to the raspberry liquor and sugar. Stir well.
7. Got mousse gently out of the molds immediately on the serving plates. Pour the sauce and sprinkle with berries. Serve immediately!

Note: Mousse and sauce can be prepared in advance and held up to serve in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

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