We cook tomatoes for the winter at home

We cook tomatoes for the winter at home

Delicious, sweet tomatoes are cooked at home.
My favorite recipe, invented myself, changed it from year to year. To date, he is such —

To a 3-liter jar.

Wash the tomatoes, prick the toothpick holes (so as not to crack).
In the jar put: dill umbrella, cloves 2-3 pcs, fragrant pepper peas 2-3 pcs, pepper spicy pod (cut off the ring 5mm.), Bay leaf, bell pepper Bulgarian 1/4.
Put tomatoes and spices in a clean jar (I do not sterilize), pour boiling water.
Allow to cool.
Pour out the water. Add a clove of garlic (cut into slices), salt 1 tbsp, sugar 1.5 cup, Acetic acid 1 tbsp.
Pour boiling water, roll up.
Cover for a few hours or better until completely cooled
Delicious, sweet tomatoes, very tasty!

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