White night salad

White night salad


● pickled mushrooms 200 g;
● 2 potatoes boiled «in uniforms»;
● 250 g of boiled meat or tongue;
● 1 large onion;
● 150 grams of hard cheese;
● 1 raw carrot;
● dressing mayonnaise + sour cream;
● salt and pepper to taste.


This meat salad is laid out in layers. First comes a layer of marinated mushrooms, diced. Next — onions, fried in vegetable oil until soft. Before putting the onions in a salad, you need to let the excess oil drain. The highlight of this salad is that the mushrooms are not fried, but marinated, although the onions need to be fried. Due to the fried onions, the taste of marinated mushrooms is fully revealed.

Third layer — grated boiled potatoes («uniform» to remove). Next, we lay the grated raw carrots and then the meat, cut into cubes. The final touch is a cloud of air chopped cheese. It is better to take the cheese fatter, for example King Arthur from melted milk, Gouda or Edamer.

Between the layers of lettuce we grease the sauce from a mixture of low-fat sour cream with mayonnaise. Everything, our puffed salad with meat and pickled mushrooms is ready. It remains only to serve it to the table and enjoy a delicate taste.

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